Self Driving Smash Avoided

Charlie Miskelly a follower of our Facebook Page has sent us the following tip.

It appears that a rare meeting of two self driving cars, possibly the first of it’s kind, resulted in one taking evasive action to avoid the other.

The autonomous vehicles, one developed by Delphi Automotive and one by Google, had their close encounter on a Californian road in Palo Alto.

The Google car appears to have manouvered in front of the Delphi vehicle making it abandon a planned lane change.

Google has recently started testing it’s self-controlled, autonomous vehicles on the Californian streets to test how they interact with other, human driven vehicles.

Google has played down the the incident, stating that early reports about the cars being involved in a “near miss” were inaccurate. It said the cars treated each other as they would any other vehicle and neither was in danger of colliding with the other.

Whilst both manufacturers have had incidents between their cars and the general public, both companies state that this is down to poor driving from the humans, not the robots!

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Sources Charlie Miskelly via  the BBC & Reuters.

Iain Buchanan

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  • mhatti3000

    Thank you for sharing Charlie.

  • mhatti3000

    After witnessing some real bad driving from humans and since these cars are accident free since the testing begun (at least when humans were not involved) I blame the humans.

  • Darrell Jones

    Funny that the report came from the guy in the Delphi car, who just happens to be the “global business director for the company’s automated driving program”. This “coincidence” makes that of 2 robot cars being in the same area at the same time seem like small beans in comparison. Also interesting that he claims that the Google car was utterly to blame and that his car “took appropriate action”.

  • Human stupidly is no match for Artificial Intelligence!!! Hope the cars become self-aware Transformers and sort the driving fools out! !!