Witches upset by Etsy ban on “Metaphysical Services”

Etsy is home to a great number of innovative and beautiful craft items (and some really weird shit too). What it is no longer home to is “Any metaphysical service that promises or suggests it will affect a physical change (i.e. weight loss) or other outcome (i.e. love, revenge) is not allowed, even if it delivers a tangible ‘item’ in other words spells, love potions or any other such mumbo-jumbo are now on the black list.

However, the sellers of snake oil to gullible fools are mightily upset that Etsy changed the rules without warning, noting that under previous rules items were allowed so long as they didn’t guarantee results and the purchaser got something tangible from the transaction. For instance providing a tarot reading was fine, so long as you didn’t promise you were going to meet a tall, dark stranger and gave you a printout of the reading.

It’s not even clear when the change took place, with sellers pointing out that the old rules were still in force as recently as the beginning of June, but an email from Etsy Marketplace Integrity reached them on June 9th saying “We’ve recently clarified our spells-related policies in a way that impacts your shop,” the email read. “Because of this, your shop has been suspended.”

Etsy Spokesperson, Sara Cohen, responding to the Daily Dot refused to give an exact date the change had happened , but wrote “When we make policy decisions, we strive to strike the right balance between creative freedom, Etsy’s values, and establishing a safe marketplace for members,” She also insisted that Etsy had been contacting sellers effected by the change “to help them make sure items they sell comply with our guidelines.”

An Etsy forum post on the matter has nearly 1,000 posts from sellers and buyers complaining about this sudden change, which may be linked to Etsy’s recent public listing on NASDAQ or even a ‘cultural bias’ against their goods, comparing the sale of crystals to the sale of rosaries and crosses. Both items represent spirituality to their respective believers, but neither offers a guarantee of result.

“Etsy seems to be only targeting those items of a pagan/occult nature while allowing items of certain faiths traditionally used for protection like St. Christopher medals, to still be marketed,” wrote one vendor “Personally I think it’s probably unintended ignorance and failure to consider and think through what banning all spiritual, energetic and magickal claims will really mean.”

There is already a petition against the ban. but AFAIK nobody has suggested turning Etsy’s management into frogs.

Source: The Daily Dot Image source: FreeImages

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  • Stop selling snake oil to gullible fools!!! Agggggghhhhhhh sell nuts instead!