360 degree ads are here

We’re all familiar with video ads as pre-rollers on YouTube videos and – more annoyingly – as auto-playing adblock magnets on various websites.

However, Google are taking video ads a step further and introducing 360 degree ads for your consumption,  err, great. With only a few examples already live, such as this little number from Coke, it’s going to be a little while before we see these as the norm.

The user will be able to use their mouse to explore the advert. It will work on mobile, too, with users able to tilt and move to their hearts content to really immerse themselves in wonderful corporate messaging. It even works with Google Cardboard for those people who like their adverts to be even more ‘real’.

Of course, if you’re viewing 360 degree ads, you’d ideally be about to view some real 360 degree immersive content, which is sadly lacking at the moment.

Source: Google AdWords

James Oliver

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