Bristol goes Flocking Baa-rmy for Shaun the Sheep

If like me you are lucky enough to be resident in the greatest city in the UK you’re in for a treat over the next couple of months. All over the city brightly decorated sculptures of one of Bristol’s most famous sons, a star of both the big and the small screen have appeared. I’m talking of course about Shaun the Sheep.

The be-ewe-tiful bonanza is the brainchild of the Shaun Children’s Foundation who are following on from 2013’s Gromit Unleashed, a similar event featuring Shaun’s Aardman Animations stablemate Gromit. The 80 sculptures used then fetched over £2.3 Million at auction and with a portion of all related merchandise going into the pot too, the total is now over £5 Million and still growing. Little wonder then that they should seek to repeat this feat with Shaun.

This time around there are 120 statues, 50 of which did a warm up gig in the sleepy hamlet of London between March and May before the main event in their home town between today and the end of August. As with the Gromits the Shauns have been decorated by artists in an array of styles and many have names that take sheep related punning to extreme levels (Championsheep, Fab-ewe-lous, Flock’n’Roll and the double whammy of King Arthur of Lambelot & Excalibaaar).

After the Bristol trail ends all 120 Shauns will go on display , First in Bristol, then in London before a grand auction back in Bristol on October the 8th. If you’re thinking of bidding, better bring plenty of cash as the Gromits went for prices starting at £16,000 all the way up to £65,000 and with the event raising money for children’s hospitals all over the UK rather than just in Bristol I’m sure that the Shauns will top this.

If all this has tickled your fancy for a bit of sheep spotting you can download the app on iOS and  Android. For Windows Phone, Blackberry or other poor souls the map is available as a PDF or, at various places around Bristol, in the ever reliable dead tree format. You’ll need to get cracking if you want to catch up with me though, as I’ve already made a start and can easily polish off a couple of dozen more in a short lunchtime stroll on Monday.

Mint Source: Shaun in the City

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