Carry on, follow that Camel! (to Amazon)

Happy Prime Day…Amazon

No, not as mathematicians might expect either 13/07 or 17/07, but a random Wednesday 4 months before Black Friday.

Amazon’s opportunity to have a stock clear-out just before the summer holidays, with a day full of over 1500 of their “Lightning” deals, with some exclusive discounts if you’re one of the many who shell out the money for Amazon’s Prime membership each year.

Or is it?

But are you really getting a good deal, or does the time-limited offer window serve nothing more than to assist Amazon in hawking a warehouse full of tat they haven’t been able to shift for the past 6 months?

The best way to find out?

The site exists solely to track the fluctuating prices of Amazon’s gargantuan catalogue over time, and let you see if the offer price you see is actually a good deal.

70 Percent Savings…

Amazon might tell you that you’re saving over £230 on a new office shredder, but when was it last actually sold by them at that price? Not in the past year!

Either visit the website and paste in the Amazon URL, or download the plugin for either Chrome or Firefox, and see a graph of the prices as they have fluctuated over time for the past month, 6 months, year, or more!

There are some genuinely amazing deals available throughout Prime Day, and later in the year on Black Friday, now you can make sure you’re getting one.


Classified. No, seriously. Well maybe not quite that seriously, but definitely seriously enough that ... [redacted]

  • Starliteprism

    Never heard of but tapped my four purchases from today’s deals and actually did well.

    • Yeah I had a quick panic check and all 4 of mine are rosy too!

  • At first we were a little nervous, but a lot of the stuff were actually pretty good deals. Go head back to and get those deals before the day is over.

  • Unfortunately Amazon declined to return my Tweet when I asked if they had any shiny synthesizers in the Prime Sale.

    • Darrell Jones

      Personally I prefer my synths to be matt, shiny ones fall off the stands too easily.