Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared.

How do you explain Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared?

You can’t, really, you have to watch it.


So, it starts off looking like your normal kids TV show, albeit one without the high production values of the Muppets, but one in that vein none the less. It wouldn’t look too amis with Teletubbies one side and In the Night Garden the other, but then it starts getting weird, slightly at first, then more nightmarish and way more interesting!

A childrens video this is most certainly not.

The series (4 so far) centres around 3 main puppets, they don’t have official names as far as I can find. Each episode the puppets get taught about something; Creativity, Time, Love and Computers and as the 4 episodes progress they get weirder and have more nightmarish elements, culminating in the last one which is my personal favourite.

The creative minds behind this series, Becky Sloan and Joseph Pelling are British graphic designers, artists and collage animators. They utilise many forms of animation in the productions and when asked about how the film came about, they have said that the purpose was, ironically, “how not to teach something” and “how an abstract concept like creativity is kind of stupid when people try to teach it in a limited way that they do”.

Pelling and Sloan started a Kickstarter in June 2014, achieving their goal of £96,000 to be used to create another 4 episodes every 3 months. That hasn’t happened yet, but all the clues are there that something is due to be released imminently!!!

There is limited info on the pairs website,  as well as other animations and projects they have worked on.

I really hope they do continue the series and have more, trippy strangeness up their sleeves, this is exactly the kind of thing that rocks my world and I hope you enjoy it too.

Here are links to the next three in the series, but if you only have time to watch one, watch number 4!



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