Don’t try this at home – Looney in a wingsuit threads the needle

Some people are just insane, that’s the only explanation I can give for the video/advert currently making it’s way around all your favourite social media sites (and Facebook). It features Uli Emanuele, a professional base jumper, wingsuit pilot and candidate for the funny farm jumping of a mountain and flying through a gap in a rock formation that was less then 3 metres wide at the widest point.

Uli’s no stranger to suicidal stunts like this, he won the Extreme Base Jump World Championship in Spain in 2010 and pretty much ever since then he has been planning and practicing for this stunt. Finally in September of last year he decided he was ready.

Just jumping of a mountain, like this one in Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland must take a lot of nerve, just look at the vertical drop with nothing but rocks below at about the 30 second mark, but to use the speed built up in that drop to deliberately fly towards a tiny hole in a rock formation, knowing that a small deviation would see you become a red smear on it’s face takes balls so large I’m surprised he was able to get them through the gap.

Survive he does though and he lands near a picturesque Swiss farm where he finds time to indulge in the even more extreme sport of goat bothering. I’m not sure why it took GoPro till now to release this, given that it’s hugely popular right now on the interwebs, with the above video closing in on 2 million views at the time of writing. Just don’t go jumping off of any walls wearing a duvet cover after watching it ok?

Source: Geeky Gadgets Image Source: MailOnline


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