Emotional hotel – Guto Requena’s interactive architecture

Brazilian architect and designer Guto Requena has created an “emotional” hotel facade in the city of São Paulo, Brazil. By using a concept called ” interactive architecture “, right in the middle of one of the country’s busiest street.

A New Life

A glimpse of Sao Paulo skyline and the WZ Hotel in Brazil

Mr. Requena retrofitted a 30-storey hotel with interactive panels that change colour according to various factors, including air quality, sounds from the street and user interaction via a phone app – WZ Hotel Luz (Android and iOS).


The different moods of the building

During the day the metal panels will sport a blue, grey and gold colour, once the Sun goes down the show starts, the 200 strips of LED lighting will create patterns and light up according to the factors mentioned above. If there is no user interaction the building will just interact with the environment. The built-in sensors include microphones and air quality monitoring devices.

Hacked City

Demonstration of the app being used.

The idea behind this project was to give the old buildings a new life and give the city and its skyline a better look as part of a project that he calls “Hacked City”. If the air quality is bad the building will adopt warmer colours like red and orange, if the quality starts to get better the building will start to show lighter colours like green and blue.

Interactive Architecture

The app interaction happens in two ways, touch and voice, with the touch option uses a cellular automaton created in the 70s’ by John Horton Conway, an English mathematician.

You can find out more about Guto Requena and his wonderful creations on his website.



Source: Guto Requena Website via Casa

Photos: André Klotz and Ayla Hibri



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