Google Glass – The second coming?

When Google Glass was launched in a skydiving/abseiling BMX biking debut at Google I/O 2012 it seemed like something straight out of the future. A  face mounted heads up display that allowed you to do many of the things you do on your smartphone without ever looking down. However the £1,000 price tag for the ‘Explorer Edition’ as the early units were known put a great number of people off. It’s actual perceived lack of usefulness along with the inability to use it with prescription lenses, also worked against it and the fact that it launched at the time the world was going through it’s first major invasion of privacy backlash didn’t help either.

Despite software refinements and some changes to the second edition it still failed to be anything more that a niche product.  At the beginning of the year the Role of leading the Glass team was handed to Tony Fadell, co founder of recent Google acquisition Nest, and still very much involved in the day to day running. It’s been a busy time for Fadell since the deal went through, their Protect smoke alarms had to be recalled and then there was the recent purchase of Dropcam so you could be forgiven for thinking he might have taken his eye off the ball with respect to Glass, but a recent FCC filing may offer the possibility that it’s about to make a comeback.

As you may know, before any device in the US can be released and used by the public it has to be tested and certified as safe by the Federal Communications Commission and keeping a close eye on documents filed there can often lead to early hints and scoops about new devices. Droid Life think they have one and while they are being cautious they are pointing out a few interesting things.

First is the items FCC ID of A4R-GG1. GG as in Google Glass? Next the fact that the item is not categorised in the filing in any recognisable way. Instead of saying “smartphone” for instance it just labeled as “BLUETOOTH & DTS/UNII a/b/g/n/ac” obviously refering to the radios it will be using and will need to be tested on. Further investigation revealed sealed, non removable rechargeable batteries and mention of a charger and a usb cable that when the item is connected to a PC provide a ““path for charging and data transfer.”

The most telling thing as far as Droid Life are concerned is the fact that the FFC label that would normally be shown on the outside of the device will in fact be an e-label which can only bee seen by navigating to the settings menu, selecting “regulatory information” and then scrolling left and right to view the devices e-labels.

google glass FCC label


They even point out this looks like a screen as you might see it displayed on Glass.

So, is Google Glass coming back, nobody knows but if it is it’s unlikely to be in the immediate future, this may just mean that you might want to pay more attention to the glasses wearers around you. You never know, one of them may be a tester for Google.

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  • Hope they pitch it to the right product market next time around, like GoPro and other outdoor niche products. The average Joe Fools aren’t ready for it, just like the smartwatches.

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      Unprepared foos!