Google Plus profile no longer necessary

Google Plus is by far the best social platform out there. You can compartmentalise your friends and family by specific interest and control what you share by sharing it with people that like what you like. I have a Family Circle, a Geek Power circle, a Travel Circle and so on. I won’t bore the Geeks with things that would be only relevant to my family for example, or vice and versa.

A while ago Google decided to integrate all of its services into Google+. The move made a lot of sense to some of us but some users were quite upset. In my opinion it made a lot of sense, you have one account to rule them all, Photos, YouTube(videos), Social and etc.. The more cynical among us accused Google of trying to get people to use Google+.

Well, Google came to the conclusion that it is better to have these services separate and organised by app. While they will continue to improve on Google+ like they have done recently with collections. Photos as you heard before will be moved to its own app, YouTube will also be just YouTube, location sharing will be on Hangouts and so on.

The change will happen gradually in the coming months. YouTube will be one of the first services to move and you can read more about it here. The Google account will not be searchable or followed, unlike public Google+ accounts.

Source: Google Blog


M Hatti

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