Google’s hiring someone to help THEM with SEO

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is the dark art of trying to get your website noticed. Those little tweaks you make to your writing or the style of your webpage to push it further up the rankings on search engines, meaning that more traffic will come to your site driving up sales or ad revenue.

Google, as the king of search engines, is the main target for the people who’s job it is to get their employers to the top of the heap, or at least page one and because Google keeps fine tuning and adjusting the PageRank algorithm it uses to decide what results it should show you, it’s a constant struggle to get to the top and stay there, so experienced SEO managers can command hefty wage packets.

One recent job posting however might surprise some people as the company looking for an SEO Manager is Google. That’s right, Google are looking for someone to help them score better on their own algorithm and get their products (in this case the Google Cloud Platform) higher up in it’s own search results.

Why would they do this you may ask. Well it’s just speculation but Google has faced a number of complaints and investigations about it using its massive dominance of the search market (other search engines are available but frankly, who cares) to promote its own products over that of its rivals. Most recently they escaped action by the US Federal Trade Commission after a 19 month review of their practices decided there was no need to take action against them, despite finding many areas of concern.

So, having had a narrow escape in the States and with the EU also gunning for them maybe Google are trying to show that they are playing by the same rules as everyone else, making each of their own products fight for search prominence, to avoid the massive fines that would no doubt be levied if they are found guilty of antitrust behaviour.

So if SEO is your thing and you fancy a move to California it’s time to polish your CV, and if you do get the job, remember who tipped you off and give your old pals at Geek Power a little push up the rankings.

Source: Search Engine Land



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