New Moto 360 incoming – The best about to get better?

While yesterday’s Motorola announcement brought us some surprises in the form of features and even whole phones we hadn’t expected, there was one notable absence. Where was Moto’s replacement for the Moto 360 smartwatch? Well, it looks like it was lagging behind a bit, but might just make it to stores in time to join The Moto X for release.

Droid Life got a hot tip and have posted the FCCs details for a Smart Watch From Motorola Mobility (just in case you thought it might be a bluetooth speaker or something) which I have reproduced below.

Moto 360 mark 2


Other than this, there are no details, since Moto ticked the “no publicity” box. But why, you may be asking, should you be getting excited?

It’s quite simple really. The Moto 360 is hands down the best smartwatch currently available. I’m sure there are people who are going to disagree with that statement, but I’m sorry, if you do, not only are you wrong, but I’m going to think a little less of you from now on. Let’s run through the opposition shall we.

Apple Watch – Overpriced and square. Also doesn’t work with any decent phones.

Any Square Android Wear Watch – Square. Seriously, have you seen a watch lately? How many of them are square? How many of those actually look good? I rest my case.

Any other round Android Wear Watch – This is a harder one to argue, since every watch in this category has one advantage over the 360, the fact that it is actually circular. The small area at the bottom of the screen that houses the ambient light sensor gives the 360 it’s distinctive “flat tyre” look and though this is barely noticeable if you have a black watchface it is certainly the watch’s most complained about “feature”. Never mind that it saves you a great deal of battery life over watches that don’t have it and that the only way that others have gotten around the problem is to have big, ugly bezels.

The Moto 360 is quite simply the best looking smartwatch available, with a massive fanbase making excellent faces for it, and while smartwatches remain mostly an additional screen for your smartphone, there isn’t enough differentiation in features for anyone to pull ahead of the pack on ability, the looks have it and nothing looks better than the 360.

One interesting point to note is that the new watch stopped off at the Bluetooth SIG (one of the other stops on the trail from the lab to the shop) back in May, quite a long time ago in phone release terms, so maybe Motorola was doing some extra work to banish the flat tyre while retaining its exquisite looks. I can only suggest you watch this space.




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