RUMOUR: New Nintendo NX system priced at $149.99 for a 2016 release

Whilst a few of us here at Geek Power show particular allegiances to the Microsoft and Sony offerings currently spearheading this generation of consoles, one particular casualty of this generation’s movement into the cutting edge has been Nintendo, who have tried to innovate a number of times by ‘being different’. As someone with a particular fondness for all things Nintendo, it’s quite sad to see how far behind they really are now technologically.

First they came out with the Wii, (about as powerful as a PS2) which made waggling and broken TV’s quite popular, then the 3DS, which is a dual screened evolution of the DS , with a stereoscopic top screen, only just perfected with the revised New 3DS model this year and now most recently we have the Wii U, (about as powerful as an Xbox 360) which has taken the dual screen concept of the DS and basically created a streaming tablet/controller hybrid that acts as a second screen.

Whist they’ve hit the jackpot with the original Wii despite many occurrences of Wii-itis and the 3DS, which is still ruling the handheld console market, they’ve taken a serious mis-step with the Wii U  which Nintendo have recently blamed on it’s high starting price, and the confusion between the Wii and Wii U, which many believe are the same thing, or incremental upgrades. It is actually performing worse than the GameCube, which was largely considered a flop, having sold a mere 22 Million consoles in its lifetime.

Today, a large rumour has been perpetuating around the interwebs mainly concerning clues to the possible development of a new Diddy Kong Racing sequel, but more interestingly, clues to the new Nintendo NX gaming system.  The rumour was started by industry insider Kevin Callahan who has mentioned his reasonings behind the case for Diddy Kong Racing 2, where Nintendo have recently trademarked the name ‘Diddy Kong’ in Europe within the last couple of weeks.

He goes on further to explain that development of the game has moved on from the Wii U to the NX system, which is due to retail for $149.99, (probably around £119 for us) mainly because they want to avoid the mistake of releasing an expensive console that puts it out of reach of their target market (like the Wii U) and to further distance themselves from the PS4 and Xbox One intentionally. In regards to the specs, he insinuates that it is essentially like a Wii U, with higher memory bandwidth and a more balanced CPU.

As always, you should take these kinds of rumours with a pinch of salt, however I’d be more inclined to use the whole shaker in this instance.

What do you think about this? Are you interested in a new Diddy Kong Racing game, or a better, cheaper Nintendo system?  Voice your comments below!

Source: Kevin Callahan

Jassen Payen


  • ReSiS

    I like the WiiU, but if they evolved it so it had a capacitative touchscreen, which could be used as an improved “tethered tablet” (maybe Android on board) capable of remote control duties (which the WiiU does quite well), playing multimedia on, apps etc. then for £150 it would indeed be interesting. Of course, it won’t, because Nintendo…..

    • Neil Daniels

      In deed I love my Wii U. The Game Pad is fantastic, a few minor tweaks and it would be perfect

  • getagrip




    your article lost all reality at that point

    ps4 is behind the dualshock is 4 gens old adding lightbulbs and touchpads that offer nothing IS A GIMMICK

    wiiu has the most advanced controller range of any gaming system avalable and is closer in real world power to ps4 than ps3

    aimingbwith a dualshock in a fps vs a wii remote mouse or a gamepad 9axis gyro is PREHISTORIC

    playstation is the GIMMICK BRAND a blue light and a pointless tiny touch pad IS NOT INNOVATION

    • spatchmo

      Blimey, you’re a bit angry eh?? Gotta admire your passion but mate, that’s way up on the Rant scale!!

      • ManApeFish

        Yeah he’s angry but there is some truth to what he’s saying

    • SolarShane13

      Spoken like a blinded fanboy.

      • SUOFEIA

        Everyone, this guy just looks for a Nintendo article, then decides to troll everyone. If he wastes his time, then don’t care, because he’s just looking for someone to troll, just so he can feel better about himself. Listen, for all you know, this guy could be homeless or living in his mom’s basement. You shouldn’t care or make him feel special. Now look, I made that mistake, so please don’t make the same mistake. Trolls are just sad, strange people who love illogical reasoning and bias. They’re like the lowest class of the internet. They can stay there, waste there time, and add absolutely nothing to make this world a better place. But that doesn’t mean YOU have to. Whenever you see these comments, just think to yourself,”How pathetic.” Because that’s what they are. I will not respond to any comments criticizing my decision, because they are just doing that out of retaliation, or just for satisfaction. These guys are truly pathetic. Good-bye.

        • SolarShane13

          You don’t need to post the same thing, twice. That just proves that you’re a fanboy.

          Stop trolling.

          • SUOFEIA

            Well, okay, okay, I’m guilty, but I just couldn’t resist. Anyways, to answer you, doesn’t hurt getting the word out as much as possible. I hope those seconds I wasted didn’t matter. Good thing it’s summer. Plenty of time to waste, eh? Just for laughs: