Bill Gates to invest $1 billion in clean energy

Continuing the Herculean task of atoning for Clippy, genius playboy billionaire philanthropist*, Bill Gates, has provided more details on his blog of his planned investment of one billion dollars in the continued pursuit of improved clean energy technology.
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Leading by a few days President Obama’s announcement on the US Government’s plans to cut emissions by 2030 through the Clean Power Plan, Bill Gates’ investment is focusing on a variety of clean energy sources.

Nothing too crazy

We need hundreds of companies working on thousands of ideas, including crazy-sounding ones that don’t get enough funding, such as high-altitude wind and solar chemical (using the energy of the sun to make hydrocarbons). No one knows which of these technologies will prove powerful enough and easy to scale, so we should be exploring all of them.

Don’t confuse “clean” with “renewable”, they aren’t synonymous in this respect, because included in the investments is a nuclear option as well. Clean means emitting no carbon, and compared to the reliability levels of the various renewable sources, nuclear can’t be beaten. Far more efficient in terms of fuel required for the same power output, the type of reactor Bill Gates is choosing to invest in could make nuclear power not only safer, but cheaper also.

With the long period before the states are due to not enact, but even just present their plans for reducing their power generation carbon footprint, Gates investments could go a long way to helping make their decisions easier.

While this is a personal investment, it fits well with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s mission to improve conditions and standards of living for people all around the world – with the demand for it growing, providing cheap, clean, reliable sources of energy is another way to help raise the quality of life for all.


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