EE recalls some of it’s Power Bars – What you need to know

If you are an EE customer chances are you happily took advantage of their free Power Bar offer. The mobile phone network gave out 1.5 million of the colourful contraptions to punters looking to get some free gadget juice. However, if you do have one, now is the time to check it and I mean right now.

After a medical student in Aberdeen had her Power Bar explode on her causing burns and setting her bedroom on fire EE began an investigation to see if this was a one off, or if there was possibly something wrong with the device. They have now come back and said they have found one of the seven batches of the device to be faulty, however, due to the way they have been distributing the stock the faulty batch marked “E1-06” accounts for around a third of the Power Bars in circulation.

So, if you have one go check yours now and if it’s one of the faulty batch, don’t use it, just take it back to an EE store where they will replace it with one from the other batches “once their investigations are concluded”, which i’m guessing means “as soon as we can be sure none of the other batches might blow up” . Then check with all your non-techie family and friends that they know about this. Pop round and visit your Granny as she might have difficulty with the small writing (in fact, pop round and visit her anyway, she’d love to see you).

Hopefully all our readers and their families can continue to enjoy their gadgets in safety and well done to EE for a fast response on a very serious matter.

Source: EE

Darrell Jones

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