Facebook to release Twitter style Breaking News App

News is filtering through to us that Facebook may well soon be releasing a new standalone App, where-by breaking news is piped directly to your chosen flavour of handheld device.

Early reports suggest that users would choose to sign up to third party outlets news feeds, who would then send out messages limited to 100 characters and links to the story on their websites.

The service is rumored to currently be in the Alpha stage of testing but there is no indication as to how soon the service will be rolled out, if at all.

Facebook have been covetous of twitters USP for quite some time now and it comes as no surprise to us that they have decided that this is the form factor to use for this new venture. The cynic in me is screaming out that this is just going to be another way that Facebook will be able to pipe advertising, in the guise of news to you and make money, especially with their recent moves to help you clear up your news feed and cut back on annoying posts.

Finally, I’d like to think that this is an unnecessary move as the market is bloated with RSS apps as it is, and that’s really all this is, but the likelihood is that a significant majority of Facebook users don’t use RSS. I guess the proof will be in the download figures if this App comes to fruition as if you do use RSS, you won’t need this.

Source: Techradar

Iain Buchanan

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