Get the ‘big data’ view of the world economy

Sounding like a very dull Bond film sub-title, the ‘Globe of Economic Complexity‘ is a very cool visualisation of trade throughout the world’s economy.

Built by the good folks over at Harvard, this is a very pretty, highly detailed look at which products are going where. It’s particularly interesting to see the amount of trade throughout Europe compared to other landlocked territories.

What’s more, the build of the site is really very pretty. The economy is represented by neon dots on a sleek, black background and everything animates in a very cool fashion. With each dot representing more money than you will ever have (probably), it’s terrifying to think how much moolah is being shipped around the globe. It’s a great example of how big data can be made more engaging.

Take a look and weep at the level of detail which has gone into this.


James Oliver

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