GiffGaff goes 4G as standard on SIM only bundles

GiffGaff, who have long been the friend of sensible geeks who buy their phones off contract, is revamping it Goodybag Bundles from September, including making all their data enabled SIMS work on 4G where available. GiffGaff, for the unenlightened are technically a Mobile Virtual Network Operator running on the O2 network, but since they are a subsidiary of O2’s owners Telefonica the relationship is a pretty cosy one.

The new bundles start at only £5 but as this offers only 100 minutes/300 texts and a paltry 100MB of data it’s no use to anyone who isn’t friendless and unable to leave their home. As you might imagine more money brings more goodies up to the top of the range version with Unlimited minutes, texts and data. And what will that set me back, I hear you ask, wallet braced for a pounding. Why a perfectly reasonable £20 a month I reply with a happy smile. Here’s the whole range in case some of you don’t need unlimited everything and can cope with less data.



The new range will be available from 2nd September, ready for you to slip them into one of the new smartphones that will be coming out at around the same time, so if you aren’t already a savvy, sim only geek. Now’s the time to start.

Source: GifGaff via Lifehacker UK


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