Hangouts v4 for Android released

The fourth and final chapter of the trilogy…

Just announced by Google, it’s out for Android at last.

Summary changelog as follows:

  • Hangouts is sleeker. Proper Material design!
  • Hangouts is simpler. Floating Action Button! Contact list updates! Better attachment selection! (Multiple GIFs at once)
  • Hangouts is faster. Bug fixes and reliability updates for all! This should also mean it sips battery rather less greedily than before.

Hangouts APK plz

APK Mirror

If you prefer to wait, it’s rolling out through the Play Store as usual.

Let us know if it’s better for you in the comments, early reports suggest that there are many bugs with this new version and users have been going back a version to wait for a 4.1 patch, have you had any issues?

Please let us know!

Source: Google Blog


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