HERMES – The future of human rescue and more

MIT researchers are developing a new high precision robot that can be controlled remotely. The goal is not only to have the robot controllable remotely, with pin-point accuracy, HERMES is also much stronger than humans. The idea behind this is to deploy HERMES in situations where humans would be in danger.

The Controls


HERMES is controlled by an operator wearing a suit equipped with haptic feedback, this allows the person who is controlling the robot to feel what the robot feels, allowing them to balance and control the robot more appropriately. The operator can also control the strength with which the robot grasps something. HERMES has a camera in lieu of a head, this allows the operator to see what the robot is seeing through VR style goggles, subsequently having more precise control over the robot and it’s actions.


A.I. in the Future

Hermes VR

The team is not done yet though, they also want to implement artificial intelligence in the robot, though on the whole the robot would still be guided by a human. An intelligent human and an intelligent robot bonded into one, frankly I don’t remember seeing a duo like this in any Sci-Fi movie yet, maybe Futurama did it.



HERMES at Work



Kudos to the whole MIT team involved on this project.

Via: Hot Hardware


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