A Large Evil Corporation

A Large Evil Corporation is a UK Animation company based in Bath. You may have seen their NowTV adverts on the goggle box, or even their more obscure Xmas Pot Noodle advert.

What you may not have seen is their Evil Vinyl range.

Evil Vinyl are 3D renderings of popular actors and characters, most of whom have achieved cult status. For a few years now the Evil Vinyl renderings have been dribbling out into the general populace, tapping into the group psyche of popular culture, featuring 3D caricatures of faces that we know and love, starting with Simon Peggs Cornetto Trilogy and steaming through such films as Ghostbusters, Back to the Future, ET, Blade Runner and many, many more.




As great as the Movie images are, the best have to be the TV caricatures, as A Large Evil Corporation is based in Bath, England, there is a huge selection of UK Comedy TV shows in the range.




The thing I like best is that every single one is recognisable, clever and bang on the mark whilst still conforming to the same design style, they all look like they belong together whilst also looking like who they are supposed to be, no mean feat when the range includes 3 David Bowie’s, Laurel and Hardy, Ash from Evil Dead, Marty McFly and Vic & Bob!!




whilst mostly just being 3D renderings at the moment, a small number are being manufactured and released as the Vinyl Idolz range through Vinyl Sugar and should be available to buy soon.

For more details visit www.evilcorp.tv, follow @vinylidolz and @kibooki or like their facebook page.

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