Man dials 999 because a cat ate his bacon

Cats and bacon, two of the internet’s favourite things. So it comes as no great surprise to find this story all over the web right now. A West Yorkshire man was actually stupid enough to call the police emergency line to complain that his girlfriend’s cat had eaten his bacon. The recording of the call was one of several released by the West Yorkshire force to highlight the problem of non-emergency calls being made to the 999 emergency number.

The prize twat in question, who is unfortunately unidentified* wanted to press charges against both the cat and it’s accomplice (yes his girlfriend had “let” the cat eat the bacon) and actually confessed that he wanted to “batter her” for allowing it. He seems disappointed when the operator, who deserves a medal for the professional way she handles the call, tells him that letting the cat eat the bacon is not a criminal offence and that they don’t arrest cats.

While this is all very amusing West Yorkshire police do stress that time wasting calls to the emergency number are a serious problem. They say that one in ten calls to their operators do not require emergency assistance and that this could prove fatal in some cases. Tom Donahoe, head of the customer contact centre said ‘A lot of the time we’re talking about a matter of seconds between us being able to get to a genuine emergency effectively and not being able to, and during these few seconds people’s lives are being put at risk.’ He also blames cutbacks in other services, like the local council for the increased number of calls “We get a lot of calls because someone has struggled to get through to the council about a noise nuisance issue, we get quite a lot of those. As other services are cut back, people get a bit desperate.”

So while you listen to “cat ate my bacon” man and the other idiots in the clip below remember the serious message, 999 is for emergencies only and if you don’t want to pilloried all over the internet it’s best you let it stay that way.



Source: Yorkshire Evening Post

*if you know who this person is please let us know in the comments, this person deserves to have his identity widely known so that people on the street can point at him and laugh.


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