Nexus to receive monthly OTA security updates

The Google Nexus line has always been known for at least two things, the Google effort to demonstrate the full potential of the Android platform and the fact that it is the first device to receive a new version of Android when it becomes available, except that one time where Google beat Google and the Moto X got it first.

Android Success

Android is by far the most used mobile platform in the world at the moment, so it is no surprise that the more nefarious individuals among us would try to cash in on this by exploiting technical loopholes. This is a major concern for Google and the future of Android, they have implemented different ways in order to protect their users with great success.

Nexus Proactive Solution

These methods are varied and extremely effective when combined. They have implemented “Application Sandbox” which prevents apps from accessing other apps data, thus reducing the risk of applications exploring security holes. There’s also the Android Security Reward Program which involves cash prizes for people that discover and report security holes and finally Android uses proactive “virus” scanning of apps.

In this latest effort to protect their users, Google will start updating security fixes on Android Nexus devices from as early as this week on a monthly basis. So if you are one of the *smart cookies that have opted for the Nexus, keep your eyes out, you should be getting one soon.

*I didn’t go for the Nexus this time.

The “Old” Hope

Here is my hope, as I have mentioned before, I am hoping that other hardware manufactures stop bloating their devices too much so that their users can also have the benefit of quick security, feature and graphical updates as quick as the Nexus line.


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