The secret to Ronda Rousey’s success is…Pokémon!

Who is Ronda Rousey?  You must have heard the name bandied around the Interwebs all weekend, after she successfully defended her Woman’s Bantamweight title against Bethe Correia, successfully beating her opponent in an incredible 34 seconds by K.O..  But we’re not talking about boxing here per se, but an American mixed martial arts UFC champion, in fact, the UFC’s first ever female champion, with 12 out of 12 wins, 3 by knockout, and 9 by submission.  She is the UFC’s hottest property right now.

What is the secret to her success?  Well, on top of the enormous amount of training she does, and possibly even her Paleo/Warrior diet, the secret could actually be something a lot more geekier than one could ever imagine.

It has recently come to light that she is a crazy Pokémon geek!  Who would have thought it?  She even goes as far as specifically cite that Nintendo‘s addictive range of Pokémon games made her lose a lot of weight as a kid, and to this day, she is still obsessed.  You can see her admission here:

So remember, if you think Pokémon is the devil, or worried that they are making kids sad and obese, take the above as proof that it can go some way into influencing our future offspring into UFC bad-asses that can fend for themselves, and remain true geeks.  Way to go, Nintendo!


Source: YouTube

Jassen Payen