Spacesuit Survival Mission Takes Off

Who would’ve thought that less than 50 years after probably the greatest achievement of the modern age – landing on the moon – there would need to be a crowdfunding campaign to save one of the most important objects used to achieve that feat.


And yet here we are, in 2015, with a kickstarter campaign by the Smithonian with one very simple, yet extraordinarily important goal – to preserve Neil Armstrong’s spacesuit.

That’s right, a mere 46 years after the moon landings, the Smithsonian Museum needs our help to keep this iconic piece of history safe.

Thankfully the good people of the world have dug deep into their pockets and the campaign achieved its $500,000 total, but the Smithsonian aren’t stopping there.

Not content with saving one historical suit, the Smithsonian has also now secured enough funding to preserve the first suit ever worn by an American in space – Alan Shepard’s suit from the first mercury mission.

Alan Shapard

While both of those spacesuits may now be safe, that doesn’t mean the campaign isn’t still worth a look. The campaign is now down to its final few days but there is still some great information on there about the space race and moon landings.

It also seems like there is still plenty the Smithsonian want to do to celebrate the journey to the moon landings and preserve these incredible pieces of history for future generations.


Source: Kickstarter


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