Twitter removes arbitrary limit, some people notice

If you’re someone who is immersed in the world of Twitter, you might be interested to hear they’ve been making some changes.

Tweets – they’re 140 characters. This rule is absolute and it’s a good one; it makes Twitter what it is. However where this rule makes less sense is in the Direct Message arena, where the low limit can be restrictive. All it leads to is having to send several messages to make your broken up point.

The good folk over at Twitter have realised their logic is a little flawed in this regard and have heard the people crying out. The limit is being lifted! Going forwards you’re going to be able to send messages of whatever length you desire. Huzzah! What a world!

It’ll be rolling out over the next few weeks and should have hit an app near you already today. These are truly exciting time.

Source: the horses mouth

James Oliver

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