What to Watch: Cyriak

Hailing from sunny Brighton, where much of this fine county’s finest oddness and strange is to be found, Cyriak Harris is fast gaining in notoriety and fame.

Known mainly by his first name, Cyriak is an English freelance animator who creates obscure, surreal and sometimes disturbing video animations using Cats, Cows, Sheep and his home town, twisting them into the highest quality, grade A mind-fuckery available to man.

A one man band, Cyriak is quoted as using Photoshop and After effects for his animations and Image-line’s FL Studio for the original electronic music that accompanies most of his work.

I first came across Cyriak a few years back, I was taking a late night hike through the tumultuous hills of Youtube and, as is often the case, I found myself sucked into the dark side of the web, why is it that when looking at videos on Youtube you’re never more than 5 clicks away from finding something that gives you nightmares?

This was my first Cyriak video, Baaa, enjoy!

Now, as strange as that was, it’s by no means the strangest, or disturbing Cyriak video, for example, there is his 90’s music video, MTV style freakfest called something. Created in 2010, something is less polished than his more recent videos, but it stands as a good example of the Clive Barkeresque horror video that must be the contents of Cyriaks head!

Again, Malfunction is another disturbing glimpse into the mad genius’s mind. A video that he himself describes by saying “I’ve no idea what this video is. It crawled out from some dark corner of my computer after evolving from the virtual maggots that feast on rotting film footage”. Malfuntion shows his skill at pimping old footage, weirding it out and laying his own disturbing track over the top, the cherry on the icing on the cake!

Cyriak also clearly shares my deep-rooted belief that the internet was invented for cats and cat videos as much of his best work includes our furry feline friends and this next video was featured on channel 4’s Rude Tube episode 200% cats. Welcome to Kitty City!

You could easily lose a whole evening flicking through Cyriak’s Youtube channel or skimming his twitter feed @cyriakharris. Not only are there links to his own private musings, but you can view some of his commercial work too, having created adverts for the likes of Coke Zero and even directed music videos for  Flying Lotus’s “Putty Boy Strut”Bonobo’s “Cirrus” and Bloc Party’s “Ratchet”.

Cyriak’s Youtube channel also has a list of videos that are “Safe(ish) for small children“. I can’t totally agree with that as a few on there fair freaked out my nearly 6yr old daughter, but there is one on there that she absolutely adores and that’s the one I’ll leave you with. Cycles shows off his love of Brighton and is, I think, one of his most polished and accomplished videos.

Cyriak, you strange, strange man. We salute you!!


Iain Buchanan

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