Amazon Fire extinguished

Last month the Amazon Fire Phone division announced That it would be making some people redundant, now it appears that the phone itself has been made redundant.

That is no surprise, at least not to a single soul here at Geek Power. The phone was sporting some neat yet silly “differentials”, like the 3D effect, which would have been great if you were not stuck to Amazon’s UI and store.

fire phone gimmickNo Amazon, you cannot design a better software than Google, you can’t even design a better software than Netflix. Release your “differentials” as apps and let users choose what they can run on their phone and use a vanilla UI, it is not rocket science.

I know I am being repetitive but I will say it again. If you want to join this market, do not limit users to what you want them to do and use, that niche of the market is well covered by Apple, or try and peddle some cheap alternative product.

Rest in peace Fire phone.

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Gif Source: Gawker

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  • RIP Fire, you won’t be missed – much.