Attack of the Binions

Residents in Peacehaven, East Sussex, have been left scratching their heads as all the bins in their peaceful town were painted to look like the Minions characters first introduced in the Despicable Me films and more recently featuring in their own Minion movie.It’s not clear who has pulled this prank, but all the bins have been painted the minions trademark yellow even had Arms and Eyes attached to finish the look.

The characterised rubbish bins, now fondly referred to in the village as Binions, can be spotted all over the town with Kevin outside shops, Larry next to park benches and Bob popping up by local bus stops, scaring old ladies and demanding Bananas


Peacehaven Town Council have no idea as to who has pimped the bins, or why, but they have said they “admire” the creativity of the person who did it in a move that they may soon regret, especially if other items of municipal street furniture get vandalised in a similar manner.

A spokesperson from Lewes District Council is also on record as stating that: “These bins have certainly drawn attention and brought comments and smiles from people passing by. Anything that encourages people to use the litter bins provided is a good thing as we want to keep the district clean and tidy for all to enjoy.”

I’m sure they’ll change their tune though when Illumination Entertainment and Universal come knocking, asking for compensation for the use of their IP. 
Even More Binions
So, who’s up for a bit of lighthearted vandalism then? We could paint all the Lamp posts like Melman the Giraffe out of Madagascar maybe?

Source and Pictures – Express

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