Conspiracy Theory: Planet X, the Secret Mission.

Far beyond the reaches of the inner solar system lies the mysterious and enigmatic Kuiper belt.

A vast disc of rocks, dust and detritus left over from the earliest days when our system first formed and the majority of the dust, debris and gas accreted into the 9 planets that we know and love (it’ll be a cold, hard day in hell before I deny Pluto its planetary status), the Kuiper belt is the next target for the vastly successful New Horizons space probe.

After zipping past the PLANET Pluto, New Horizons is supposedly on it’s way to another large, cold Kuiper belt object (KBO) before then hurling ever forward, following in the footsteps Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 before it and exiting our system forever.

Or so we are being told anyway.

It has been brought to my attention that this may well not be the case. A trusted source has reliably informed us that while roughly 15,000 icy bodies have been detected in the Kuiper Belt so far, some of which are thought to be big enough to be listed as dwarf planets, at least one is thought to be bigger than the PLANET Pluto, maybe even bigger than Planet Earth – this is the Mysterious Planet X.

First postulated in the mid 18th Century to account for irregularities in the Orbits of Neptune and Uranus, then unceremoniously abandoned in the mid 1990’s due to clearly altered and falsified data received from Voyager 2 regarding Neptune’s mass not being quite as much as we had previously thought, the theory of Planet X has been reignited recently as the truth is outed that the New Horizons mission statement of Pluto, the Kuiper Belt and beyond is a lie!

The whole New Horizons mission has been a ruse, a fallacy and a lie. A misdirection even.

Sure we went to the PLANET Pluto and got some super great fantastic images and data, sure we’re likely going to go look a another KBO (Kuiper Belt Object) on the way through, but the true mission is to go and discover the truth behind Planet X once and for all!

So, what secrets await for us at the enigmatic and illusive Planet X? Too far away for our terrestrial telescopes to see, but too close for our space based telescopes to image either, Planet X has many secrets to share with us.

Some say that it houses a portal to multiple other locations in our galaxy, dating back millenia to when our galaxy was seeded by a malevolent race of parasitic aliens, a Gate to the Stars if you will.

Others suggest that as soon as we reach the 10th planet it will be game over, the goal will be reached and we will all exit this highly sophisticated computer simulation we have been inhabiting for the last 2000 years.

Others still suggest that there is nothing there and this is just yet another paranoid delusion perpetuated by the Tin Hat brigade,  but this is the least believable of the lot.

Personally, my money is on the fact that when we eventually reach Planet X we will find all the broadcast equipment and hidden cameras that finally prove we are all part of one giant reality TV show for a race of creatures with no sense of humour.

We are their Truman Show and we are about to get cancelled!


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