Google matches your donation to save refugees

As anyone who has watched or read the news in the last few weeks should have ascertained, the socio-economic and political situation in a number of Northern Africa and Middle Eastern countries has reached a boiling point. In an effort to escape from their current hardships and save themselves and their families, people are risking their lives in unbelievable ways and in the process thousands are dying.

Google, like many other, has decided that to just sit back and watch without doing anything is not the right thing to do. Unfortunately most of us cannot go there and solve the problem ourselves, and until our governments can figure out a way to fix this, one way we can help is by donating.

Now, thanks to Google, that donation will go even further. That’s because Google will match your donation by giving a corresponding to the Network for Good, a donor advised fund which splits the monies between 4 non-profit organisations; Doctors Without Borders, International Rescue Committee, Save the Children and UN High Commissioner for Refugees.

At present Google has capped its donation matching pledge for global donations at €5 million (around £3.6 million) which will bring the total combined donations to €10 million (around £7.3 million). Google has also confirmed that it will be covering all the processing fees, so that all of the donations actually reach the charities they are intended for.

You can find out more on the subject and/or make a donation here.


M Hatti

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