Google Offer Different Options on how you Might be Feeling

We’re all used to the “I’m feeling lucky” button which Google plonks next to their main search button on the Google homepage. Like the rest of people everywhere, I never use it.

Today, however, while checking out the new Google branding on the page I noticed something; it randomises! Now there’s a strong chance this has been happening for ages and I’m well behind the curve but it’s not something I’ve noticed previously.

Moving the mouse in and out of the button will update the label to offer different options such as “I’m feeling trendy” or “I’m feeling generous”. These different action options take the user through to different landing pages accordingly, such as donating to Nepal.


James Oliver

I have a keen interest in anything from the original Star Wars trilogy through to the Star Wars Expanded Universe – as well as everything that encompasses. Mostly interested in things which fly or make noise (ideally both), I like playing with new gadgets and buying phones on a whim.

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