India Accuses Google of Foul Play

After facing accusations of favoring their own shopping services in search results in Europe, Google is now also facing similar accusations from the Indian Authorities too.

Several Indian website have complained that Google has been favouring it’s own services in search results giving Google an unfair advantage but also reducing options and value for consumers.

Google remains confident that it will be cleared of all charges of wrongdoing, having been given 10 days by the Indian Competition Commission to respond to these allegations of putting rivals at an unfair disadvantage.

European regulators are currently examining whether Google has been manipulating search results to steer traffic away from Competitors websites that could diminish its advertising sales.

Google has unsurprisingly denied these very serious allegations, having been probed by regulators in the US in 2013 and been cleared of any wrong-doing on that occasion, you can understand if they feel that they don’t have a case to answer in either India or Europe.

If Google loses the case in Europe, the firm will most likely be faced with a Multi-Billion dollar fine, as well as having it’s reputation tarnished it will set a precedent for other companies around the world to take action.

For a company that provides info and search results, trust is the highest currency, if people don’t trust Google’s results then it’s game over.

Source BBC

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