What to Watch: Hell’s Club

Imagine a world where there is a nightclub in which Renton tries to avoid Obi-Wan Kenobi, Carlito Brigante has a falling out with Tony Montana, Cocktail Cruise and Collateral Cruise clearly don’t like each other and Pulp Fiction John Travolta hangs his head in shame at the mess he has become as he watches Saturday Night Fever Travolta shake his skinny arse on the dance floor!

This crazy good video, set in the fictional Hell’s Club on Coruscant is just that. Imagine every nightclub scene in the movies, seamlessly blended together to create a coherent narrative that also stars Robocop, Blade, Several Keanu Reeveseses, Will Ferrell, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Pin Head, Terminator, Swayze and even Austin Powers!

It doesn’t stop there either, that’s less than half of them, have a watch and see how many characters and films you can spot, each time I watch it I notice more and more.

It’s not just a great concept, it’s also been executed in a masterful manner. You can’t see the joins, most of the scenes are perfectly matched, there’s lots of reflections to look out for and even the soundtrack and timing of the music is used to great effect.

You guys, I’m pleading with you, watch the bloody video!!!

Iain Buchanan

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  • Nice find! Get some nuts and just watch the video fools!!! Aaaarrrggghhh!

  • Darrell Jones

    Great find, loved it.

  • Fran Villette

    Really cool video, someone must have spent so much time and effort making this and it was totally worth it.