Jolla get financing, supporters miss out on tablets

Back in November, we reported on the financial troubles Jolla was experiencing after a lead investor withdrew from that month’s round of funding.

Well, it seems that the Finnish firm received a much needed financial lifeline in December to ensure the future viability of the company, at least in the short-term! The firm also confirmed that it is still working to get several licensing agreements in place – with a particular focus on Russia, India and China – and it now appears that its partners in those regions will take some of the financial burdens of launching and operating in those markets, while Jolla itself focusses on the development of Sailfish OS and its ecosystem.

That’s great news for Jolla and Sailfish OS supporters, and fans of technology and competition in the mobile and tablet sectors in general.

But, alas, all the news was not so positive.

Despite having a very successful crowdfunding campaign that raised more than $2.5m from 21,637 backers for the Jolla Tablet last year, and issuing regular reassurances to backers that the tablet would be delivered despite delays, it now appears that the firm will not deliver on the tablet.

Some tablets were shipped late last year, and another “small batch” is due to ship in January, but the firm has now confirmed that it will not be able to fulfil all contributions so not all backers will receive a tablet – Jolla did not confirm how many of the 21,637 backers will miss out.

The company have said that no Tablet backer will be left empty handed and that they have some “positive surprises” for those who will miss out. But no further details have been forthcoming as to what this will be, with the firm simply suggesting that everyone speculate about what compensation they have for people who spent at least $239 + postage for a shiny new tablet sporting a 7.85″ 330ppi IPS screen, 32gb storage as standard with micro-sd card support (upgradeable to 64gb for $269), 2 gb of ram and running a 64-bit 1.8GHz quad-core Intel Baytrail processor.

The only hardware Jolla have produced to date is the decent but now more than 2 years old Jolla Phone, which we reviewed a few months back, but whatever compensation they offer, it is likely to be scant consolation for missing out on the much anticipated Jolla Tablet judging by some of the comments left on the Jolla blog and Indiegogo.


Source: Jolla


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