WhatsYapp – the spurious new translation product for your pooch

Sometimes a product comes around where the creator has clearly thought of the name first before worrying about the practicalities. On the face of it, WhatsYapp – from Fetch, the pet store by Ocado – is one of those products.

In a ‘clever’ pun on the term ‘WhatsApp’, the new dog collar claims to be able to interpret your dog’s barks into something resembling the human language. A microphone in the collar takes in the noises made by the furriest member of the family and translates to human speak. The WhatsYapp collar connects to WiFi and your mobile device as choice in order to relay your dogs pearls of wisdom to you.

One of the problems that appears to be overlooked in the classic human problem on anthropomorphising animals and assuming dogs think in the same way we do. In the WhatsYapp example provided, the dog appears to be having a very reasonable ‘chat’ with his owner. However, dogs don’t think in terms such as ‘door’ because, largely, they don’t know what a door is.

WhatsYapp - big idea, not real

Even if this idea were to work, it would surely get boring fast. Most dogs are relatively alike and my own would be a daily series that’s always the same.

“It’s still early and I’m sleepy, leave me alone”

“I need a poo.”

“I need some food.”

“I need a wee.”

“Why aren’t you playing with me?”

“Why have you stopped playing with me?”

“I need a poo.”

And so on. It’s never going to be anything useful like “Hey buddy, looks like you left your wallet on the table again lol. As a future reminder I’ve made sure to chew a number of books you were foolish to leave on a low shelf rofl”

Having said that, I think we’d all like to know what this guy is trying to say.

Source: Fetch

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