Beer of the week – Hobgoblin Gold by Wychwood – 28/6/15

Hobgoblin Gold  by Wychwood

What the bottle says:

Nothing. Literally, not a single descriptive word about this beer is printed on the Label. There is reference to a competition they are running, but nothing about the flavours of the beer. This does not surprise me. Hobgoblin Ruby is a very well established beer and the Wychwood brewery has an almost cult like following, with a fan run Facebook Page called the Wychwood Brewery Appreciation Society totaling 4.5k avid, loyal real ale drinkers. Hobgoblin Gold , being a variant of Hobgoblin Ruby, already has a huge following straight out of the starting blocks.

What I say:

Following the standard I set last week, I’ll start with the approved categories and give my thoughts afterwards.

Appearance: Beautiful amber/gold colour with a light, frothy head, if you didn’t know otherwise you might think it was a continental lager beer.
Smell: It smells very fresh and subtle, it has a faint hint of citrus about it and again brings continental beers to mind.
Taste: This is where the slight comparison to continental beer ends, it has a big flavour that fills your mouth, there is a citrus undertone but the main flavour is the hops. Not too overpowering and not too bitter, this beer as an almost savoury nuttiness to it that makes it very moreish.
Mouthfeel: Hobgoblin Gold has a nice, rounded feel to the mouth, not too syrupy but also not too thin. There is a light carbonation that play across your tongue.
Drinkability: This is one of the most drinkable beers I’ve had to date, it’s subtle but confident, satisfying but not overpowering, I can and do regularly drink this beer

I really like this beer, before trying it I had a half dozen favourites that I would interchange. Not any more. This has very quickly become my go-to beer of choice and I’m not happy unless I have 4 bottles in the fridge (I think all real Ale should be served fridge cold, but that’s a discussion for another post).

Hobgoblin Gold is the perfect Gateway beer for lager drinkers to get some flavour in their lives, I have managed to persuade many of my lager drinking chums to try a Hobgoblin Gold and each one has gone back for a second or more!

As this is a Wychwood Beer, I have asked a few of my Wychwood Brewery Appreciation Society chums to share their views on Hobgoblin Gold :-

Rees Gidley: A slightly chilled Hobgoblin Gold is the perfect ale for a warm summers day. With more refreshment, taste, charm and flavour than lager.

Duncan Arthur: A far lighter ale than its ruby namesake, but the perfect drink for a lazy summer evening (perhaps accompanying a barbecue, with charcoal from the Wych Wood).

Margie Johnston: Prefer Hobgoblin Gold at room temperature whatever the weather, a nice light flavoured ale.

Keith Hall: Gold is O.K. but Dr Thirsty is just so much better!

Dibs Peacock: bit light on flavour and too much fizz.

Steve Kemp: A bit lacking in strength and more expensive than Original Hobgoblin in Waitrose.

Nicholas Powell: It is a generic amber ale for me. Overly hoppy and no depth of flavour or anything interesting going on. I prefer darker and maltier…

So, a mixed bag of opinions, it’s great to see that there is a strong female contingent drinking Real Ale too!

For more details of Hobgoblin Gold  visit the Wychwood website at and have a look around, Wychwood have a unique and distinctive style of artwork and a large range of Beer.

Next Week: I’m open to suggestions for next week’s beer, please leave a comment here or on our Geek Power Facebook page if you have a favourite, if not then I’ll talk to you about Theakstons Old Peculier!

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