Google offers bug bounty for Android security holes

While certain other companies stand on stage telling you they care about your security, while being fully aware of a bug that leaves said security wide open, Google are trying to enlist your help in the most obvious way possible, by offering you money.

Google have previously offered similar incentives to bug hunters for it’s online servicesChrome, (including Chrome OS) and even select open source projects and are now expanding this to include bugs and vulnerabilities specific to Android. You can earn up to $8,000 (roughly £5,120) if you find something, providing you can provide a test case and a patch, but just finding a bug will still net you $2,000 (roughly £1,280).

Given how buggy certain Apple fanboys say Android is, this should lead to a massive cash payout for them and better security for the rest of us, which is a win/win in my book.

Source: Google via Android Central Image Source Androidify

Darrell Jones

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