Man uses N-word on TV, becomes a meme overnight

Ahh, the internet. Whatever the subject, no matter how sensitive, there will always be people willing to make a joke about it. This time it’s the aftermath of the race motivated shootings in South Carolina, the confederate flag and the fact that the President said the N-word during a radio interview discussing these issues.

Don Lemon, host of America’s CNN Tonight addressed the story and the issues behind it by first holding up a confederate flag and asking “does this offend you” before holding up a card with the N-word on it and repeating the question.

Enter the massed jokers of the internet, determined to take this serious discussion of America’s deep racial issues and skewer it in their own way. Twitter was rapidly filled with parodies covering a wide range of topics.

From other recent race related stories

To events in TV shows,

From other current news stories,

To some much older stuff.

From the internet’s greatest love,

To it’s greatest hate

and a brief side trip into conspiracy theory country

In the interests of protecting your fragile minds i have saved the absolute worst for last.


Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

We love you internet, don’t ever change.

Source:The Daily What Image Source: Orionsangel on Twitter


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