PS4TW!!! No really, bargain deal on PS4 + Batman Arkham Knight for £258.99

To celebrate the E3 show from last week, and also the imminent release of the new Batman Arkham Knight game this Tuesday, a number of outlets have been doing a weekend deal for the PS4 500GB Jet Black package with Batman Arkham Knight for £279.99, including Amazon, however if you’re quick, you can also take advantage of the little known ‘Bespoke offers’ deal, which reduces this by a further £21 to £258.99!!  Bespoke offers is a website that seeks to beat whatever online offers you find online by an average of 10% and is run by Barclays group.

To take advantage, first visit the link to the Amazon deal here.  Copy the link address from the web browser, then log into Bespoke Offers here.  Sign up, and click on the ‘Beat my price’ link.  Paste in the Amazon link you copied earlier, select the exact package and go through the process.  You now have to wait for Bespoke offers to send you over an email with your bespoke offer at £258.99!

The only downside to this is you literally only have only today to decide, as the price is expected to shoot back up to £300 by tomorrow morning.  If you’ve been waiting up until now to commit, there is probably no better time to get into the current gen, and with one of the most anticipated releases of 2015 to go with it.  PS4TW indeed!

Jassen Payen


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