The ‘appless tale of the Apple watch

The Apple watch was released earlier this year, almost three months ago to be precise, over priced, under powered and almost a year behind the competition. Needless to say that the sales of the device has been underwhelming.

Windows Phone Syndrome?

It may come as a shock to you (sarcasm) that major app developers are not really jumping into that ship just yet, including Facebook the second most visited website in the world (read that one in Jeremy Clarkson’s voice please). The official answer from Facebook is that they don’t know if they could fit it on the screen, but that has not prevented them from releasing their WhatsApp and Messenger apps for Android wear. Other major app developers have not adhered to it either, not yet anyway.

It is not exactly the same problem that Windows phone faced, for a wearable device they have a lot of apps. The lack of major players like Facebook, Google and Snapchat is not a good sign though. In the interest of full disclosure, Google has released two apps for the watch, a weather app and news app, make of that what you will.


In my opinion a smart watch doesn’t need all the major apps, heck, it just need a few apps, the ability to check emails, messages and the most important one for me, to change the watch faces, which Apple doesn’t allow apparently. Will the Apple watch succeed? Only time will tell, but the its future is not looking very bright.

Source : NY Times


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