Beer of the week – Espresso by Dark Star – 5/7/15

Espresso by Dark Star

What the bottle says:

Rich Coffee Beer. A Black Beer brewed with dark roasted barley malt and challenger hops. Freshly Ground Arabica beans are then added to provide a unique flavour and aroma. Beer from the heart of sussex. 4.2%

What I say:

Appearance: Deep, thick black in colour with a tan head that starts frothy and lively but soon settles to  being very thin and minimal.
Smell: A subtle aroma, hints of coffee and a touch of caramel.
Taste: This is a very dark beer and won’t be to everyones taste, it has a strong, punchy and almost acidic flavour with a recognisable hit of coffee that’s not too overpowering. There is a second, creamy layer to the flavour that is surprising and leads you to want more.
Mouthfeel: Darkstar Espresso starts off feeling quite thin to the mouth with a light fizz, but when the second, creamy layer of flavour hits after you swallow, its almost as though the residual beer thickens in your mouth, making you feel like you’re drinking a creamy coffee, very unique.
Drinkability: This is an interesting beer, with a low to medium ABV, while I enjoy the odd bottle and could conceive drinking it all night long, I don’t think I would want to, this would be a good beer to end a session on or for a special occasion.

I am a big coffee drinker and a big beer drinker, I like my chocolate over 80% cocoa and I love crystallised ginger. This beer is made for my palate and I enjoy it immensely, it’s definitely not for everyone but dark beers aren’t anyway.

Dark Star is a relatively young brewery that started brewing in 1994, they do stock their beers all over the country but are predominantly found in the South East so if you aren’t I’d suggest you order a few of their beers online, I’ll review more in the weeks to come, but for now you should give Espresso a go, you may not love it but you’ll certainly find it interesting!

Next Week: I’m open to suggestions for next week’s beer, please leave a comment here or on our Geek Power Facebook page if you have a favourite, if not then I’ll talk to you about either Hogsback Gardeners Tipple or Theakstons Old Peculier!


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