Comic Con and leaked video footage

Last week I read some drivel on, where one of its writers decided to take the holy mantle, wrap himself up with it and judge all the fans that leaked footage of some of the new films that were shown at Comic Con. The fact that the title of the article started with “Dear idiots” kind of made me upset. Fans are fans, whether they are in San Diego or not.


Studios were apparently “upset” that someone decided to promote their movie for free and show it to the rest of the fans that were not able to attend that awesome event, including that same writer who went on a tirade calling people idiots, he couldn’t get there early enough.

Some More Than Others

I have been thinking and why in the world are the fans who were able to attend Comic Con more important than the rest?  Just because I could not fly from London to San Diego to see the unfinished footage, am I less of a fan than someone who did go?  Are the fans at Comic Con less demanding on the film quality so it’s OK to show them the footage but not the rest of the world?  Are the other fans more discerning?

Suicide Solution

If movie and TV studios are so concerned about footage with low quality being leaked on the internet there are two solutions.  Stop showing them or release it at high resolution to the whole world at the same time.  The whole thing smells like cheap publicity as one of the trailers was suddenly available with high resolution through official channels.

Show Me The Money!

Fans will not care about the quality of a clip before the movie hits cinema, as long as they can get a glimpse of the magic happening.  Give R2-D2 a mobile and have him run a documentary,  no editing whatsoever,  real fans will watch and love it.

Here’s a little bonus read that I just found.


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  • 23rd July 2015 at 14:12

    That’s right, fans don’t give a damn about the quality of footage for DeadFoo, fools!!!!!!!! Aggrrrhhhhhhhh!!!!!! Get some nuts!!!!!

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