Darth Vader to return in Star Wars Anthology : Rogue One

Our favourite villain, Darth Vader (and by our I mean my favourite villain), is set to make a come back to the big screen in an upcoming Star Wars movie – Star Wars Anthology : Rogue One, according to a report on Birthmoviesdeath.com. Its latest rumour, apparently from a reliable source is that that Darth Vader will have at least a small appearance in it, but as far as we’re concerned all Star Wars reports of this type remains pure speculation at this point, so we’re taking it with a pinch of salt.

Deets, or Lack Of Deets

Vader and the Emperor inside the Death Star

We have very few details about this new movie but what we do know is that the movie will take place before Star Wars IV: A New Hope and will show how the rebels managed to acquire the plans for the Death Star. So far there have been no confirmed reports of any other beloved characters making an appearance.

Exciting Stuff

Vader inside the Hoth base

The expanded universe has never been explored liked this before, at least not as in a movie format and definitely not in an officially sanctioned way.

This is an exciting time and we are hoping that Disney won’t screw it up, may the Force be with them.


They did show a small clip of Star Wars Anthology : Rogue One at the Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim earlier this year. The small teaser has a very war-like movie feeling and will probably be slightly…erm…on the Dark Side. Here’s some grainy “back of the cinema” footage that many bothans died to a fan managed to sneak out of Star Wars Celebration.



I know that at least three Geeks are ready to watch it already.


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    Make that five people. Tafka Jr and I can’t wait either. Although I’m a bit worried that Tafka Jr is gonna be too young and not won’t be allowed in the picture house.
    (We weren’t two of the three were we?)

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