Focus On: No Such Thing As A Fish

Focus On is a series of posts which, well, ‘focus on’ one particular thing from any number of genres or sectors. There are lists aplenty out there which order the ‘best’ entries in any given category, the intention of these posts are to highlight one of those and what makes it great.

The other week I wrote a focus on about Pocket Casts,  a particularly nifty little podcast app. Afterwards, a couple of people said to me ‘that sounds great, but I don’t really know or listen to any podcasts’. After I had immediately removed those people from my life, I had a big think about my favourite podcast.

When I say ‘big think’ I actually mean ‘no thinking at all’ because it was such a simple choice: No Such Thing As A Fish is the finest podcast to pipe down your ear holes.

What on earth is No Such Thing As A Fish?

Fair question! The format of the show is simple: it’s a weekly podcast of around 30-45 minutes and is hosted by 4 of the QI elves. If you have even a passing interest in QI, you’re going to love this podcast but even if you don’t you shouldn’t write it off immediately.

The show is normally hosted by 4 of the elves, Dan, Andy, Anna and James – all of whom work on the show. Each week, they bring one of their favourite facts which they’ve researched to the table and the fun begins.

The core gang
The core gang

Facts and fun! What more could you want?!


The facts are presented in turn and the gang then chip in with some additional knowledge – it’s all presented brilliantly. The chemistry between the team is obvious and they bounce off of one another in a way which is borne out of working together for a spell. There are some running gags but there’s absolutely no barrier to entry if you’re coming in on episode 68, which is what we’re up to now. You’ll quickly establish that Dan is obsessed with Yeti’s and can’t properly pronounce ‘Covent Garden’. Similarly, James’ obstinance when it comes to ordering a ‘panino’ at a sandwich shop is raised every so often (panini is a plural, don’t cha’ know)

Episode 68 you say?

Yes. I do. As you might have worked out from the fact this is a weekly podcast, it has now been running for a little under 18 months. Every episode is worth going back and listening to and, generally, they’ll fit perfectly into commuting time territory. As long as you don’t mind giggling on the bus, that is.

There have been a few specials for events such as the World Cup (where they didn’t mention the World Cup) and the gang even perform a few live events here and there, if you’re really keen.

All of them – apart from Anna, another running joke – are active on Twitter and all are more than happy* to respond to the less inane messages which they receive.

Anyway, go and check it out!

James on Twitter

Andy on Twitter

Dan on Twitter

*this is a massive assumption, sorry guys

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