Google Deep Dream – We can dream it for you wholesale

Ok, ok, please forgive the mashed up Phillip K Dick reference there, but you can see why those two titles came to mind.

We reported on Google Deep Dream a while back, the crazy strange neural net process of turning seemingly random images into recognisable shapes or doing the same process with seed images as this image below shows, you start with clouds, you end up with Pig-Snails, logical.


neural network clouds

neural Networks Funny-Animals


The code was recently released to the wider public and now some bright spark has developed it into a web app so that you can create your very own nightmarish images!

The new web app, called Dreamscope lets you upload your own images to see what drug addled, dog-centric  imagery the algorithm can produce for you!

The “Deep Dream” Algorithm feeds an image through several layers of artificial neurons, directing each neuron to enhance a certain feature, like edges or swathes of colour, one layer builds on the creation of the previous, eventually creating the tripped out images that you see here.

You have a choice of which filters to parse your image through and if you register for a sign in you can create and save your images online.


evil iain 340x340
Original: my much loved Spatchmo Avatar!
Salvia Filter
Trippy Filter
Botanical Dimensions Filter
Art Deco Filter

If you do have a look at the Dreamscope gallery be warned, these are public images in a very public gallery and anything can be uploaded, at the time of writing there seemed to be someone with a particular taste for My Little Pony Hentai which, need I say,  is VERY NSFW!

Feel free to leave any particularly nuts images you have made/found in the comments section below, but please, no Hentai!

Dreamscope via WIRED


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