Android Wear – Playing Half Life on your wrist!

So you got your fancy Smart Watch recently, but you’re stumped trying to find some good ways to get some fun-time out of it.  Yes, there are several ports of Flappy Bird available, however if you’re looking for anything substantial beyond that, you’d be hard pressed to find anything decent enough out there – until now.

Get some Source (Engine) on your wrist

OK, so lets face it, on that tiny screen you’ll never find anything truly substantial gaming-wise that you can play on the diddly thing without your fingers getting in the way to begin with, however some geek on the Interwebs has been experimenting using the SDLash app, (commonly known to emulate the Source engine) and has successfully run Half Life (with sound via Bluetooth) on his Android Wear Smart Watch (Sorry Apple Watch users).  You can see the video here:

Fun, eh?  If you’d like to learn more about how you can do this for yourselves, hit up Dave’s website in the source link below, where a guide is expected to appear shortly.  At least in this instance, rather than hearing the usual “But, can it play Doom?” remark, you can go one better and give them playable Half Life on your wrist!


Source: YouTube, Dave Bennett

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