Pact – Proper Coffee fresh to your door – First bag for £1 with GeekPOWER!

In my day job we have a Coffee Club, we all put in a few quid a month for milk and take it in turns to get proper ground coffee in for our coffee machine. One of my colleagues suggested Pact, a coffee subscription service, so I thought I’d have a look and let you guys know what I thought, and how you can try it for just £1 for your first bag!

Pact- Beautiful and easy to use UI
Pact- Beautiful and easy to use UI

The Subscription

That word kind of worried me at first. I’ve had a look into subscription services before for beer and the like and you generally get tied into agreeing to pay a certain amount each month for a year, quite a turn off.

This is where Pact differs. Pact send you Coffee at the regularity you choose and charge you per Bag.

It’s £6.95 per bag, p&p included, a bit more than I’d usually spend but I’ll come to that in a minute. The bit that makes this unique is that via the online portal you get to choose how frequently you receive your coffee, initially as you sign up Pact suggest either every 7 or 14 days, but you can adjust the slider so between every 3 and 28 days, you can take a break if your going on holiday or you can cancel your subscription at any time with no penalty.

As you are charged per bag, not per month, you can really control how much or little you spend, ideal fo so many of us who are living on tight budgets.

The user interface is really intuitive and smart, giving you lots of options of coffee type, grind type, frequency etc. etc. and is a really simple service to use.

This Subscription offers you the kind of freedom I like and would jump at if other manufacturers offered the same.

Pact - Freshly Ground coffee
Pact – Freshly Ground Coffee

The Coffee

When I started to research the service I entered in my details and then stopped when I saw the price it would be. One of the guys at Pact emailed me a while after and asked me why I stopped, I said that it was a bit more expensive than the stuff we usually get from Supermarket X and their response was simple. Good coffee is worth paying the extra for. Man are they right.

I’ve been drinking Pact coffee for two weeks now and judging it against a host of coffees from Twinings, Whitards, Douwe Egberts & the super markets own brands, it really is worth the extra few pounds.

Pact Roast their beans in small batches then Grind the beans to suit the way that you like to make your coffee, either fine or course, it’s up to you. Pact then post it to you the next day. Each pack has a label on stating when it was roasted, when it was ground and who by.

All this would count for nothing though if it wasn’t for the fact that these coffees really do taste very good.

Pact source their coffees from around the world and have a constantly changing menu, so far the 3 coffees I have tried have been distinctive, unique and above all, the freshest tasting coffee I’ve ever had. I was skeptical before, I’m not now.

Pact - V60 Coffee Dripper - the future!
Pact – V60 Coffee Dripper – the future!

The Method

As I stated, I initially inquired about Pact for work and we use a coffee machine and the coffee tastes awesome using the machine, but at home I have a cafetiere and this can often end up with me wasting coffee as it’s a bit too big.

The guys at Pact kindly sent me a V60 Dripper and it has revolutionised the way I drink coffee.

A one cup system, the V60 lets you make your coffee as you like it one cup at a time, and if you like a big mug like I do then you can add more coffee grinds to the Dripper and more water to taste, you don’t waste any coffee and you really get to experiment with ratios and water temperature.

Pact offer a selection of gift sets with the V60 in and I can highly recommend that you get one, I may get another so I can have one at work and at home!

Pact - Quality Coffee with a Great Deal
Pact – Quality Coffee with a Great Deal

The Deal

When you sign up for the Pact subscription, you aren’t tying yourself into a contract, the guys at Pact are so confident that you will want to stay that not only do they not have a tie-in period, they let you generate a code to give your friends and family their first pack of coffee for £1, every time someone uses your code, they get a pouch for £1 but so do you too.

This means that, seeings as P&P is included, you can try your first coffee for £1 with no risk. All you need to do its go to and set up your subscription, when you do this enter the voucher code GEEKPOWER in the relevant box and shazam, amazing coffee, when you want it, how you want it, with your first bag being virtually risk free!

Whats not to like?


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