Re-live the British Grand Prix in your living room with F1 2015

The British Grand Prix was, by all accounts, pretty bloomin’ marvellous and a great advert for the sport. This happens to be excellent timing for Codemasters and their upcoming release, F1 2015.

Unsurprisingly this is a follow up from last years instalment, F1 2014 which itself was a follow up to…er… F1 2013. However this title has been built specifically for the new generation of consoles. Something which is welcome news to the ears given the current library is somewhat lacking in many areas.

So far, the game looks great. Weather effects have always been pretty good in this series and that is certainly still the case in F1 2015. Particularly true in first person mode, it looks like Codemasters have really tried to capture the experience of driving in an open cockpit at 150mph. A mouth watering prospect.

F1 2015 from Codemasters
Check out those weather effects!

There are a host of modes to try to entice you in. The improved Championship Season mode comes complete with with celebratory champagne and small little details when in parc ferme, which really add to the level of realism. The F1 2015 Pro Season goes a step further and locks you to the cockpit view while you complete the full, punishing race weekend. Surely a mode which will truly test your racecraft.

All in all, one to look forward to for race fans. There’ll be a review here once the game releases at the end of this week but for now, why not check out the trailer below to get an initial taste of the action. If you’re already sold, however, you can go ahead and pre-order now! F1 2015 from Codemasters is available on Xbox One, PS4 and PC from July 10th.

Source: Codemasters F1 2015

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