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Like every single geek I have met, I’m curious almost about everything, including people, so everyone’s life story is interesting to me. Some more than others it’s true, but they are all still interesting. Through the years the Hollywood biopic has become a cinematic staple, although they have been known to not let the facts ruin a good story, so you get one sided hack jobs of people in the news like The Social Network and sometimes they surprise us in a good way with other attempts such as La Vie En Rose, here’s hoping that Steve Jobs the movie will be in the second category, rather than the first.


A New Orchestra

Universal Studios newest entry in this field is based on the book by Walter Isaacson which in itself is worth a read. The movie will apparently focus on the type of person that Jobs supposedly really was, calloused from being an orphan, spoiled by being raised in a good loving family, ruthless and like everyone else with moments of genius, not the myth. The first glimpse we had before this one, was a brief teaser with the voice over done by Fassbender.

Steve Jobs Trailer

Will it Work

I am not sure if any of these guys will pull it off, especially since every time I look at Michael Fassbender, I see Magneto. But judging by the cast, source and trailer this film should be a good one. It is scheduled to hit the big screens in the U.K. on the 13th of November this year and I will be there to watch it.


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